Best Business To Start With Little Money [$100]

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What is the best business to start with little money – as little as $100?? I explain in this article, how you can invest as little as $100 to start making money, recurring every single month. This is an online business, so you can manage it from anywhere as long as you have a laptop or computer!


Truly The Best Business To Start With Little Money in 2019

Affiliate Marketing

The best business to start with little money has got to be affiliate marketing and with many good reasons such as:

  • Leverage products created by others that are already proven to sellbest business to start with little money
  • No overhead like product storage, shipping, fulfillment, etc
  • No need to have customer support
  • Thousands of different products and options to choose from

And while I wouldn’t say that it’s necessarily easy to do affiliate marketing, with the right mindset and coach beside you, it is so much fun to start this kind of business.

What is expected of you:

  1. Take action on the things your coach teaches you
  2. Take responsibility for finding a way to overcome your obstacles (ask, seek help, learn, etc)
  3. Don’t expect to get rich quick – this is a REAL business with REAL recurring income – it takes time to build
  4. Engage with the community, help others, learn from others

Steps To Get Started :

#1 – Join an Affiliate Program

A good program that pays well is important. I personally prefer Clickfunnels because you earn 40% of their monthly subscription fees and it is recurring as long as your subscribers keep the software. After 90 day of following proper mentorship, your estimated monthly commissions would be $3,600.

In addition to this, Clickfunnels upsells serious entrepreneurs to high-ticket offers which you also get a cut of. You don’t need to do anything to make the sales, they handle it all for you. It is by far, the best business to start with little money in 2019. Typical affiliate start seeing returns within 90 days, which means your investment over 90 would be only $300 and you would be bringing in around $3,000/month! ($97 x 40% = $38.80 x 1 person / day for 90 days = ~$3,600/month)

#2 – Get Tools to Build Sales Funnel

Sales funnels help you to guide people through the path you want them to take online. For the affiliate marketing, that means to get them to buy from your affiliate link.

Clickfunnels provides the software to create these sales funnels. (use the thing you sell…ironic, right?)

Get your FREE 2 Week trial of Clickfunnels here

#3 – Build / Import a Sales Funnel

For affiliates, I suggest to build a sales funnel that includes an opt-in page, a thank-you page and series of follow-up emails. Most of these pages can be loaded from templates available for free inside of your Clickfunnels account.
Use this link to sign up for Clickfunnels and then send me an email ( to get access to my high-value sales funnel for affiliates – you can import it directly into your account. Plus, I will send you $10,000+ worth of affiliate training for free!

#4 – Collect Emails

Use your opt-in page to collect emails. You can integrate actionetics which is included in Clickfunnels full suite, or you can use a 3rd party autoresponder such as AWeber. Once you have integrated your email autoresponder, you can begin collecting emails.

Why do we collect emails as affiliates? It allows us to follow up with potential buyers. We can provide more value in order to create trust and therefore, a higher likelihood that they will purchase through our link.

As well, an email list is like digital real estate. Even if someone does not become a buyer immediately, they can become a loyal follower, or better yet, a buyer later down the road if you decide to promote something different. Your email list is truly the only asset you own in the internet world.

#5 – Follow Up via Email

Like I explained in the previous step, following up has many benefits. Affiliates who use an email follow up sequence are more likely to convert subscribers into buyers by following up with them. Sometimes people are not ready to buy when they see your webpage. This is why we follow up.

First email should always be a welcome, or thank you email that delivers whatever you promised in return for their email.

Second and third email should contain some sort of additional value, resources, or help to gain the subscriber’s trust.

Fourth email can be a sales pitch as to why they need to buy via your affiliate link.

Fifth, sixth, seventh emails should again, contain some sort of value to create more trust or rapport. This can be a popular video, blog article or podcast from your niche. It can be a story of yours that relates to the product/situation.

Eighth email, again sales pitch.

follow 5-8 sequence onward after that. Statistics say that in 2019, it can take up to 10 times seeing you or your offer before someone is ready and willing to buy.

Grab my free email swipes when you get your free Clickfunnels trial using this link.

#6 – Create Content to Drive Traffic

Choose your weapon:

Video – Audio – Text

Video, would be YouTube, Facebook Lives, or even Instagram (for example).

Audio would be podcasts, is a great place to get started with podcasting.

Text would be blogging. is a great place to get started with blogging if you have no following.

Why create content? It helps you find your voice. It helps you to create more rapport and trust with people who do not know you yet. It also helps you find “hooks”, which pull people in to what you are offering. Take this article as an example. It explains in full, the best business to start with little money and also offers steps on how to begin. This gives the reader trust in what you’re delivering and makes them more likely to click your links, visit your offer, follow you on social, etc.

Scared to create content? Honestly, so was I. I forced myself into it. I gave myself small rewards for posting daily content and eventually, it became so habitual that I no longer needed to reward myself because the reward is now the thought that I have actually achieved something for the day.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

#7 – Help Others To Build Trust

Lastly, this one is probably the hardest when you’re brand new… but it’s not impossible. Most people think that they don’t know anything when they’re first starting their online business and that thought blocks them from helping others.

YOU KNOW MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU KNOW! (trust me, I know) [haha]

If you’re brand spanking new, and you just read all the way down to the bottom of this here article, you already know more than a bunch of people online. You can simply take each of these steps in this article and re-teach them to others.

You can follow other leads in the space and learn more from them, which in turn, you can teach to others. There will always be someone who knows more than you …but there will also always be someone who knows less.

So don’t under-estimate yourself. Just push through and start taking action. Helping others will get you testimonials, reviews and yes, even sales! Once you have these kind of results to show others, your business will grow exponentially.


If you want the best business to start with little money, then it’s got to be affiliate marketing.

Join this FREE 4-Day Bootcamp to learn more on how it works and how you can get all set up.

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