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Free Affiliate Funnel [+BONUS Training]

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There’s tons of free affiliate funnel templates out there, but they either give you just the layout / framework, or they leave you more confused than before you got the template!

Free Affiliate Funnel Explained Below

Well… at least that’s my experience. I spent years trying to learn affiliate marketing, throwing thousands of dollars at different training programs, templates and other packages. I have literally been up to my eyeballs in debt ($30,000 to be exact), and I really wanted was to make an extra thousand bucks or so every month.

After years of trying all sorts of free affiliate funnel templates, different affiliate trainings and all sorts of marketing strategies… I finally cracked the code.

free affiliate funnel

I learned from the BEST online marketers in the world:

  • Stephen Larsen
  • Russell Brunson
  • Julie Stoian

What I learned through training from all three of those successful marketers is that

1.) you MUST create an audience 
 – create content (blog, podcast or video)
 – create a large social following

2.) you MUST follow up with your leads
 – collect email addresses
 – follow up 7-10 times before giving up on the sale

3.) you MUST solve real problems
 – survey your niche to find out what they need help with
 – create a sub niche based on what you find

4.) you MUST have consistent messaging throughout your funnel
 – ADs – pull text from your landing page
 – Landing Page – pull text from your sales page
 – Follow ups – pull text from your sales page

So let me ask you: Are you an affiliate who wants to make a ton of sales through your funnel, but not sure how to get there?

If YES, just answer these questions:

1. Are you genuinely committed to being an experienced marketer (it takes skill to make sales online these days)? (If yes, go to #2)

2. Do you want to skip spending years of studying and investing the time to learn how to build a sales funnel from scratch? (If yes, go to #3)

3. Do you want to avoid having to pay an expert marketer $10,000+ to build your sales funnel for you? (If yes, go to #4)

4. Get the Free Affiliate Funnel Template

When you opt-in I will email you my free training as well as the funnel.
Hope that makes things easier for you, whatever you decide to do.

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