Funnel Scripts Unlimited Review – WARNING – See this first!

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We’re revealing 3 key elements in this Funnel Scripts Unlimited review that you MUST know before you consider buying this software. We will go over who can benefit the most from this software, what to expect if you do buy it, and how you can get some of the scripts for free.

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Funnel Scripts Unlimited Review

If you’re here, it’s no surprise that you’ve likely heard of Funnel Scripts Unlimited and want to know what to expect if you decide to invest in the software. Yes, it will help you create sales copy that converts and save you a ton of time… but here’s a few things you should know first:


a.) Know Your Niche’s Language

Funnel Scripts Unlimited is kind of like mad libs in the sense that you need to fill in the blanks with appropriate words and phrases which then generates the sales copy. Try the headline generator for free here to understand what we mean. Since you’re the one filling in the blanks, it means you need to have an understanding of you audience’s pain points, problems, dreams and desires. This will allow you to generate sales copy that speaks to your audience in their language resulting in higher conversions.

If you’re just starting your business and haven’t had a chance to dive deep into your audience to discover the previously mentioned, we recommend the DotCom Secrets book by Russell Brunson.

b.) Don’t Expect Perfection
Copywriting Secrets Book Review

FSU is essentially a DIY solution for sales copy and frankly, a pretty affordable one at that. Since you will be the puppet master in creating this sales copy it’s important to understand that the software follows certain templates which means it won’t always spit out copy that’s 100% perfect.

You may need to read through your sales letters, webinar presentations and headlines to ensure that they make sense to your audience. It will easier to use the software and understand the psychology behind each script if you’ve read the Copywriting Secrets book. It’s available for free if you pay the shipping. Get a copy here.

c.) More Affordable Alternatives/Options

Since 80% of the selling in sales copy is due to the headline, bullet points and call to action, you really only need to know these 3 scripts to create copy that sells. We’ve dubbed these the “Copywriting Blueprints”, which you can download for free here.

If you’re just getting started, or just want an introduction to copywriting before making a big investment… the blueprints are a great place to start. We’ll also send you more awesome copywriting content to help you learn the basic psychology behind each of the 3 scripts.


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