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How Good is ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission?

How good is ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission? What do they pay and should you promote the ClickFunnels software? If you’ve had a bad experience as an affiliate marketer, making only $0.20 or $1.20 per sale, then continue reading below…

ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission Structure

The ClickFunnels affiliate commission structure is, simply put, 40% commissions on any sale that you make.

First of all, let’s take a look at this example; if you sell the monthly subscription for $97, you make $97 x 40% = $38.80 every month! Furthermore, by selling their premium subscription of $297, you can make $297 x 40% = $118.80 every month (the premium subscription includes Actionetics – email automation – and Backpack – affiliates and memberships)!

If you’ve been selling affiliate products that pay any less than this, STOP and re-think:

100 conversions x $1.20 = $120.00

100 conversions x $38.80 = $3880 – YOWZA!

As a result, this is one of the highest paying affiliate programs I have every seen online! Most noteworthy, is the fact that the  software is actually VERY good for business owners. You can certainly use ClickFunnels as an affiliate too, but I find that some of the most useful features are likely for businesses such as product sales, order pumps and one-time-offer up sells that are all integrated.

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Full List of ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission Payouts:

  • ClickFunnels Regular: $38.80 / month (Recurring)
  • ClickFunnels Premium: $118.80 / month (Recurring)
  • 108 Proven Split Tests Funnel:
    • Free Book: $0  (It’s Free)
    • Upsell #1: Commission Krusher Template: $14.80
    • Upsell #2: Instant Traffic Hacks: $78.80
    • Upsell #3: Perfect Webinar Secrets: $118.80
  • DotComSecrets Book Funnel:
    • Free Book: $1 (It’s Free and they still give you $1!)
    • Upsell #1: The Black Box: $14.80
    • Upsell #2: 3 Funnel Bundle: $14.80
    • OTO #1: Audio Books: $18.80
    • OTO #2: Traffic Secrets: $118.80
    • Thank You: Funnel Builder Secrets: $798.80
  • Expert Secrets Book Funnel:clickfunnels affiliate commission
    • Free Book: $1 (even though it’s free, you still get paid. woot!)
    • Upsell #1: The Black Box: $14.80
    • Upsell #2: Story Telling Secrets: $14.80
    • OTO #1: Audio Book: $18.80
    • OTO #2: Expert Evolution: $78.70
    • Thank You: Funnel Builder Secrets: $798.80
  • Funnel Graffiti Funnel:
    • Free Graffiti: $0 (It’s free)
    • Funnel University: $26.80 / month (Recurring)
    • Funnel Immersion: $118.80
  • The CookBook Funnel:
    • Free CookBook: $1 (woot woot!)
    • Upsell #1: The Black Box: $14.80
    • OTO #1: Funnel Immersion: $118.80
    • Thank You: Funnel Builder Secrets: $798.80
  • Funnel Scripts: $198.80
  • The Perfect Webinar Funnel:
    • Perfect Webinar Script: $0 (it’s free)
    • Upsell #1: Perfect Webinar Slides: $18.80
    • OTO: Perfect Webinar Secrets Training: $118.80
  • Marketing In Your Car Funnel:
    • Free MP3 Player: $0 (it’s free can’t ask for much)
    • Upsell #1: Funnel University: $26.80 / month (Recurring)
    • OTO: Funnel Immersion: $118.80


Should You Become A ClickFunnels Affiliate?

As you can see from the above list, the earning potential with the ClickFunnels affiliate commission can be quit lucrative. The company even gives away FREE theoretical training for their Affiliates in their Affiliate Bootcamp. For those who are more hands-on, you can visit my Step-by-Step affiliate training which shows you an exact method to not only setup your funnels, but also market them.


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4 thoughts on “How Good is ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission?”

  1. Hey. Tk for info. A question about the ClickFunnels Premium: $2,997 /1 year? I don’t see the commision here.. But they are giving, right? It should be $1,198.7 commision, right?
    Thank you.

    1. Ah yes, I suppose you are correct! If someone does decide to buy the annual option, you will earn 40% of it. Thanks for keeping us updated 🙂

  2. Hi,Amanda. I am interested. This page explains the profitability of Click funnels as a product line. Yet above this is a free report or something that takes me to a page about Builderall. Whch of the two is the better funnel building tool, and which is more profitable in your opinion? Thanks, Gary

    1. Hi Gary!

      Yes, sorry for the conflicting information. I do believe the each platform has a place in the digital marketing space. I have personally switched my entire business over to Builderall simply because of the value included in the lower price point. I will say, it is not AS user friendly as clickfunnels, but with a little patience and willingness to learn, you will end up with a lot more features at a lower cost.

      I hope that helps and if you just wanna give it a try you can always do the 7-day free trial:

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