How To Use A Survey Funnel

How To Use A Survey Funnel

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How to use a survey funnel for your business? This short video will explain the “who”, “what”, “why” and “how” to use a survey funnel.

Watch the full video at:

Watch the full video at:

What is a Survey Funnel?

Well a survey funnel is a survey that’s on the page, that helps you define who the customer is and what their interests are. For example, is the visitor a Educator or a Student? A Lawyer or a Judge? In this way, your survey can determine who your visitor is. You can continue this pattern to find out there interests. So for example, is the educator looking for content or do they want to submit content? Are they aware of your service or completely unaware? This helps you to determine if they are HOT, WARM, or COLD traffic.

Who Should Use a Survey Funnel?

Literally almost any business can use a survey funnel. If you’re selling to any type variety of people, whether it be men and women or long hair, short hair… or Lawyer, Judge… that could be a reason for you to use a survey funnel.

Essentially if you want be able to sell your products and services to people based on exactly who they are, then the survey funnel is exactly what you should use. Instead of guessing who the prospect is, they tell you (no guessing required!).

Why Should You Use a Survey Funnel?

Different people response to sales messages differently.  For example, by using a survey funnel and determining that your user is a man, you could present them with a sales message geared towards men. And vice-versa for a woman. That way, you can convert your sales at a higher rate because your sales messages will be more relevant to your prospects.

How To Use A Survey Funnel?

Check out the full video where I show you at the end HOW to use a survey funnel using the Clickfunnels software.


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