Important Information About Messenger Bots For Your Business!

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Information about messenger bots is spreading, and a lot of businesses have begun to think about or implement messenger bots into their business flow. So can a messenger bot really help you increase conversions for your business? What if you’re not an online business, but a brick & mortar store, will it still work for you?

Important! Information about messenger bots:

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What is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

Facebook Messenger bots help you to create an automated, but personalized conversation with your visitors, customers or leads. They not only free up your time as a business owner, but can help your business productivity by increasing the number of lead conversions and by qualifying prospects by asking them qualifying questions.


Why Would You want to Use Messenger Bots instead of Email?information about messenger bots

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with email sequences and how businesses grow their emails lists so that they can keep in touch with customers, blast out promos and info and convert clicks into sales.

Messenger bots can help you to achieve many of these goals, but with a different approach. This approach is based on creating engagement and a conversation with your prospects, which in turn, creates a more personable, fun and engaging experience with your business or your brand.


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The video above is just the introduction to a 5-part video series where I will explaining all the ins and outs of messenger bot marketing. Make sure you Subscribe and catch every video!


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