Keyword Research Tutorial – Youtube

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Here is my latest Keyword Research Tutorial – Youtube style. Why Youtube style? Because it’s all about finding keywords for your Youtube Channel! And why use Youtube? Because it’s an awesome FREE tool that you can use to create authority in your niche, drive traffic to your sales funnels and it’s so simple to use because just about everyone and their dog has a mobile phone.

Keyword Research Tutorial – Youtube

Watch The Full Video Here:

Step 1: Use the Keyword Tool Dominator  research tool

It’s a freemium tool that allows you 3 free searches per day, otherwise you can purchase unlimited searches. It’s not just good for Youtube, but it also combines keyword research for other platforms like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

Basically, I would suggest using this tool when you have no idea what you want to talk about. Maybe you only have a general topic, but you’re not sure exactly how to grind that down into smaller topics that are being searched.

The trick with YouTube is to grind way down so that you have short videos that deliver high value content.

So for example, perhaps you talk about Coffee Tasting. Grind down to the coffee bean, so maybe you go down to Peruvian Coffee Beans. Then even further into North Peruvian Coffee Beans. You might even go further into it such as “How To Remove Bitter Taste in Peruvian Coffee”.

Youtubers LOVE How-to’s, Reviews and Funny stuff.


Step 2: Use the TubeBuddy Browser Extension

You can get TubeBuddy here. And it’s available for most browsers. I prefer to use it with Google Chrome because, well, it’s Google! Google loves Google.

This keyword research tutorial – youtube video will explain how to use TubeBuddy in detail:

To summarize, you want to use your keyword ideas from the previous step and enter them into TubeBuddy’s tag explorer. The tag explorer will give you a ranking out of 100 on how easy the keyword or ‘tag’ will be to rank on google. The higher the score, the easier it will be to rank. So for example, a score of 75/100 is much easier to rank for than a score of 15/100.


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