How to Fix Facebook Live Flipped Video

Make More Sales with Facebook Live Video

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Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

There are so many business uses for Facebook Live that you may want to consider. Let’s go over a few Facebook Live ideas that can help you take Facebook marketing to the next level.

  • Take them Behind the Scenes
  • Be Transparent
  • Do a Live Q & A
  • Teach Your Audience Something They Need to Know
  • Share Your Opinion on Your Niche
  • Conduct Interviews
  • Stream a Live Event
  • Share Client Testimonials
  • Share Success
  • Ask Your Audience Questions
  • Repurpose all Videos

Using Facebook Live for your business will take your business to the next level; connect you on a more intimate level with your audience, and ultimately help you get more subscribers and make more sales.

How To Fix Facebook Live Flipped Video (iOS & Android)

You can’t really sell much if your audience can’t read your marketing messages… if you’re the type of on-screen junkie that loves to show items with text, you need this trick:


The Top Strategies to Use

When using Facebook Live, there are some strategies that can help you make the most of the opportunity. If you want more subscribers and buyers for your products or services, follow this advice and you’ll be a winner.

  • Be Transparent
  • Give them the VIP Experience
  • Be Available
  • Stay Positive
  • Ask Questions
  • Validate Customers
  • Network
  • Collaborate

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