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Done-For-You Passive Income System [For Affiliates]

Many people looking for a passive income system don’t know where to start. “How do I set up a passive income system?” has been one of the most common questions we’ve received from affiliates.

Is This Passive Income System REAL?

When I first saw this headline, I was skeptical. And I’m sure you are too. Regardless, I love hacking funnels to see what techniques other online marketers are using. So being the curious online marketer that I am, I went to check it out…

Once inside, I realized that this passive income system is legit!

Check It Out Here

The funnel is done for you, created originally by Liam James Kay, and all you need to do is sign up for the appropriate accounts and swap out the affiliate links with your own links… once you start earning, you can swap out the social proof images and the videos with your own. This typically helps gain the trust of new users visiting the funnel.

What Investments are Involved?

passive income system

  1. Earn Easy Commissions [Cost: FREE]
  2. Builderall [Cost: FREE for 30 days – then $49.90]
  3. Udimi [Cost: FREE unless you buy something]

The following affiliate programs are connected with this particular funnel strategy:

So as you can see, your initial investment is $0. No investment. Essentially this is a cyclic style funnel. What that means is, as you put money into Solo Ads, you make your money back with new signups.

Let me explain further.

If you go to Udimi and search the cost of Solo Ads, they run anywhere between $0.35 – $0.60 per lead. Conversion rates are about 40%. For each lead that signs up to your first offer, you earn $1 from Earn Easy Commissions (because the owner of that program pays $1 per lead). This alone, should help you break even on your ad spend, or close to it.

In addition to that, those leads that complete the 2nd step and sign up for Builderall, will earn you $49.90 + $14.97/month recurring. So essentially those 2nd step leads help you break even on your Builderall costs, plus earns you monthly recurring commissions.

To take this all one step further, you provide your affiliate link to Udimi. So anytime someone buys solo ads through Udimi, you earn a commission from that too.

As you can see, the system as a whole, works extremely well. The key to success with this system is CONVINCING your leads that if they follow your instructions and steps to a T – they will reap the benefits. (and also following up with them to follow through on actually DOING the steps).


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  1. I did online research about Builderall. I want to Signup with you and Ask one question; what’s your best contact info?

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