Single Mother Earns Passive Income Monthly With A Templated Website Funnel

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Interested to see how this single mother earns passive income every month with nothing a crappy template?

Mother Earns Passive Income with a Template


How This Mother Earn Passive Income with a Template

Deandra is a single mother of 24 with two children who works as a retail cashier. She found a way to earn another $500 a week thanks to one of the most sustainable niches online.

Deandra was looking for ways to earn a side income without spending much time or money until her friend Darrel introduced her to a new concept that many already know in the world called affiliate marketing.

It took less than 5 minutes to sign up for the system and get the first commissions. Since then, she has been a strong advocate for the program and earns $500 a week from introducing other income hungry people to the system – which most people find super simple.

As more people dive into affiliate marketing, the industry becomes diluted with mis-information and many people feel the information overload syndrome associated with the industry. However, this mother earns passive income without having previous knowledge of the industry – simply by following a few steps and watching the tutorial videos.

So How Does It Work?

Someone is introduced to the landing page which welcomes them to the passive income system. They click a button to enter. Once there, they are greeted with a video that explains how the next 2 steps will unfold and exactly what they need to do to complete the first step.

That first step is, to sign up for a program called Earn Easy Commissions. Now if you search reviews on this system, you might come up with a lot of misinformation, but the fact of the matter is that the owner, Chuck, pays $1 for every lead to his system. So that’s your first dollar.

Second, you are presented with step 2 which is to sign up for Builderall – an online marketing software. During this step, you load your pre-made template into your account. The video walks you through a few simple steps on customizing it with your own links and that is IT!

There is a third step for those who want to earn more money and learn how to market the system, but there are really only 2 steps to complete and it takes less than 10 minutes. THE ENTIRE THING IS FREE! NO INVESTMENT!

I was completely astonished, to be honest.


How Do YOU Get Started?

Luckily, I’ve tracked down the link for anyone interested in trying out this passive income system. I’ve personally gone through all the steps to see if it is legitimate and all of the pages work as suggested.





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