the passive income system review

The Passive Income System Review

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This is the passive income system review, not to be confused with the CB passive income review. If you’ve been anywhere near the affiliate corner of the interwebs, you’ve probably heard of “The Passive Income System”. This is my personal outlook on the system. Overall rating: 4/5 stars.


The Passive Income System Review

So what exactly is The Passive Income System? To put it short and sweet, it’s a funnel that contains some of the most lucrative and sustainable affiliate programs. BUT don’t be so quick to judge this one. I’ve personally taken the tour through the funnel and discovered the sweet potential within.

What are the affiliate programs included in this funnel?the passive income system review


So what is all the hype about with the passive income system? Why does it work? Why doesn’t it work? Will it work for you?

To be completely honest, the passive income system is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is NOT completely automated as they advertise. However, from my experience in online marketing, with a little bit of work a small investment, this system will make money as advertised.

I have personally tested the funnel and the conversion rates on this system is approximately 70%+ from the welcome screen to step 1. Step 1 is where you earn $1 for each person who signs up for Earn Easy Commissions and the conversion rate on this step is approximately 35% which means if you’re purchasing $0.35/click traffic on Udimi (in the 3rd Step), you’re breaking even, plus a making a tiny bit on your traffic alone.

The 2nd step doesn’t convert as high at around 5% since the user needs to enter their PayPal or stripe account to get the 30-day free trial. They are not charged up front, they are only charged after 30 days. However, this process seems to add a bit of friction to the system. Regardless of the lower conversion rates, depending on the amount of traffic you send through you can make decent money off it.

Example Commission Calculation

Let’s say we want to make $3000/month with this system. Let’s work backwards to see how much traffic we need to make this happen.

The big money is from the Builderall platform which pays $49.90 x 30% recurring each month. That is equivalent to $14.97/month for each person that converts on step 2.

$3000 ÷ $14.97 = 200 …. meaning we need at least 200 people signed up per month to make $3000.

Since only 5% of people convert on step 2, that means we need 4000 people coming through our funnel step #2 (200 ÷ 5%).

And lastly, to get 4000 people into step #2, since only 70% convert from step 1, we need at least 5715 people coming to our funnel overall (4000 ÷ 70%).

So if each visitor costs approx $0.35 to obtain, then you can expect to put about $2000 into solo ad traffic. Seeing as Builderall pays 100% up front commissions you only need approximately 41 people to pay at least the first month in order to pay for that…

In addition to all of this, you still make 100% up front on each $49.90 Builderall account. PLUS 15% of all Solo Ads your affiliates purchase on Udimi. You can take the system one step further by adding an affiliate link to Click Magick which helps track conversions and sales.



Since this is the passive income system REVIEW, my conclusion is that to make it worthwhile, this system does require a small invest or an investment in time. As you have seen above, the numbers speak for themselves. You do not necessarily  need to have hundreds or even tens of thousands of people viewing your funnel to make a good return, but you need to set your own expectations of what that actually looks like.


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