how to use a bridge funnel

How To Use A Bridge Funnel For Your Online Business

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What is a bridge funnel?

  • A bridge funnel is used to connect 2 different, but related ideas.
  • And, to pre-frame what you want to sell on the next page.

A bridge funnel is great for when you need to send someone to a sales page that you do not control.


Example: Ketosis Supplement

Since weight loss and ketosis are related, but different topics or ideas, you can use “weight loss” on your bridge page. So for example, you might showcase your #1 Weight Loss Secret and explain that you lost ‘x’ amount of weight in ‘x’ amount of days but putting your body into ketosis.

Then you would explain a little about how ketosis works and that ‘x’ supplement is used to put your body into ketosis. That is when you would send your lead to the Ketosis Supplement page to buy the product.



  • Use the bridge funnel to get people who don’t know you, to opt-in for what they WANT
  • Then send them to a page with a video on how to get what they want through your offer


Build a high-converting landing page. Explain you are a web consultant who specialized in landing pages and guarantee results that are a 150% increase in landing page conversions or their money-back. Then send them to a page to book a consultation with you.



Target people are looking to solve a specific problem. After they opt-in give them a demo of the product to bridge them and show them how what they want will be achieved by said product. Then send them to an additional bridge page and present and special offer or upsell.



Your people are looking to boost their mental concentration. Offer a demo of a student studying for an exam without any brain enhancers or boosters. And then show them again the student on your brain boosting formula. Show the difference in performance. Then explain that the improved performance was due to the student taking your concentration boosting formula and then send them to the sales page. Once they say yes to the first sales page, offer them an additional upsell – this could be the multiple bottles of the same product.


Affiliate/Network Marketing

  • Target people looking for the result that the networking company or affiliate product offers.
  • Bridge to how the product or service does that for them
  • Then send them to the corporate page or affiliate page.


Do you want to reach more network marketers and increase your downline? GlobalMoneyLine is a free platform that automatically grows a downline for you and then allows you to message and interact with those people. Send them to the GlobalMoneyLine signup page.


Professional Services

  • Use the bridge funnel for cold traffic or people who don’t know the industry you’re in or the problems you solve
  • Bridge the gap between how ‘x’ problem affects them and how you solve ‘x’ proble
  • Then send them to an appointment page


Maple Syrup growers may not know that the Maple Syrup association is skimming money off the top of their profits through the regulations they impose. You explain how it is happening and that you are a Maple Syrup growers Lawyer. You can help them get back the money they deserve through your services. Then be sure to get them to book an appointment.


Brick & Mortar

  • Create a bridge between what they want and how you can get them there quickly


The person is looking for the coldest beer in town and they want it fast. You explain that your establishment gets cold beer to each guest in under ‘x’ minutes or their money-back. Then you get them directions to your business.



  • Find out what result they want
  • Connect what they want with what you offer.


The business needs to fundraise $100,000, but doesn’t know how they will get there. You explain that your event planning company provides full-service event planning package that is guaranteed to bring in a minimum of 50,000 people and that they will pay $5 per ticket. The total cost of the event + planning is $100,000 and therefore, your business will be able to fundraise MORE than the amount they need. Be sure to get them to book a consultation or appointment with you.



So now you know how to use a bridge funnel for your business!

Watch the full video here:



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