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Are YOU Making Sales with a Facebook Bot? [Hack]

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Learn how you can be making sales with a facebook bot – watch the full video @

Making Sales With A Facebook Bot

Making sales with a facebook bot is actually pretty easy, you just have to get creative!

The great thing about facebook messenger is that it gives you the option to talk to your prospective buyers how you would in person. It lets you create a natural conversation with them which can lead them down the path of ‘ready to buy’.


How To Get Your Bot In Front of Buyers?

One of my favorite, free tools of getting potential buyers engaged, is the facebook post comments tool. How it works, is you create a public facebook post (typically on your facebook page), and in that post you ask people to comment if they want to have ‘X’ (lead magnet) sent to them via facebook messenger.

When you set up your facebook bot growth tool (i use, you tell the bot to respond to people who have commented on that facebook post.


Closing The Sale

The beautiful thing about messenger bots is that once you have made contact with the prospect, you can now subscribe them to your follow up sequence, you can broadcast messages to them, and you can simply take them on an awesome conversational journey.

Why you want to the engage the person is because this is how you convert “cold” leads into “warm” leads. If you want to know more information about hot and cold traffic, I recommend checking out Russel Brunson’s DotCom Secrets Book (it’s free)! Obviously, once a person has “warmed” up to you and your brand, they are much more likely to buy from you now, or in the future.


Lead Magnet Ideas:making sales with a facebook bot

  • Free Ebook
  • Free Checklist
  • Free Cheatsheet
  • Free Training
  • Free MasterClass/Webinar
  • Free Consultation

These are just a few things you can use to entice users to “comment below” or “send to messenger” and get them going down the path that YOU want.


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