Who Should Use A Messenger Bot?

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Are you someone who should use a messenger bot for your business? If you need information about messenger bots and making sales with a facebook bot, this video series is for you:

Who Should Use A Messenger Bot?

Just about any business can benefit from a facebook messenger bot by creating highly engaging and personalized interactions with their prospects and clients. Some examples of businesses and bot uses are:

  • Brick & Mortar (order a pizza)
  • Real Estate (get information about what the client is looking for)
  • Coaching (qualify your prospects to work with you)


How is a facebook bot used?

Create personal experiences with prospects by asking them questions about themselves, and seeing which of your services they are interested in or willing to buy. Gage how warm or hot the prospect is by qualifying them with specific questions and conversation flows. Create a relationship with them and show them that you’re the authority in your niche.


When to NOT use a messenger bot–who should use a messenger bot

Who should NOT use a messenger bot? 

  • If you’re looking ONLY to promote your products, services or giveaways, messenger bots might not be the right marketing method for you.
    • Facebook will ban you for blasting only promotional content
  • Spammers – can stem from the first point, but can also be those who are looking to continuously spam a certain link or message to their subscribers.
    • Facebook guidelines clearly state that you must follow facebook’s 24-1 rule. This means, that for every 1 interaction the subscriber initiates, you have 24 hours to contact them and/or send them a message.
    • The full policy & guidelines can be found >> here <<
  • Anyone who refuses to use Facebook (it’s a requirement) will not be able to use a messenger bot. 
    • Reason: you need a facebook profile to create a facebook page. You need a facebook page to connect your messenger bot.
    • You must allow facebook and your messenger bot platform to access certain information on the platform.

Facebook Messenger Bot

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