Funnel Hacking Live Cost Breakdown

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What will Funnel Hacking Live cost you to attend if you live in North America? We’re going to break it down simply for you and also go through the pros and cons of attending the live event.

Want to watch instead of read? Check out this video of the cost breakdown:


Funnel Hacking Live Cost breakdown

Let’s start with the actual costs:

  • Ticket $997
  • Hotel room (4 nights) $900
  • Airplane ticket (economy) $500-600
  • Food & Drink (5 days) $500funnel hacking live cost breakdown

The ticket price is obviously non-negotiable, as well as the airplane ticket rate. However, if you join the Clickfunnels community on Facebook, you might be able to find someone who is willing to split the cost with you and share a hotel room. Lastly, the event is pretty intensive so you’ll likely eat close by at restaurants which is why this breakdown food cost is so high. If you plan accordingly, you might be able to bring your own food or get food cheaper elsewhere.

Total funnel hacking live cost: ~$3000


Value Received From The Event

What is the actual value that you will get out of attending this live event? It’s a bit subjective in some instances, but let’s put a monetary value to each thing and break it down:

  • Bonuses from speakers $1800
    • each speaker at the event is giving away something from their business each with a minimum of $200
  • Replays from previous 5 FHL events $500
    • I gave each FHL $100 value based on getting 1 golden nugget from each
  • Cliff notes from all 5 FHL events $200
  • Networking connections $Priceless $1500
    • basing this off of making that one connection that helps your business absolutely explode!

It’s important to note that past attendees have mentioned that making the connections was the best part about attending the funnel hacking live event. If you want to watch a quick compilation of the top reviews then check out this video:


Overall Cost vs Value:

Total cost = $3500 (round up for good measure)

Total value = $4000 (subjective)

Buy a Ticket Here


Watch the Documentary Here

to learn more about what to expect.


Hope you found this useful. Let me know – will you attend? Why or why not? If you do, see you there! 🙂

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